Our 364 Day Pursuit of Excellence

Our 364 Day Pursuit of Excellence

Our relentless, never ending search for outcross genetics continues here at Dora Lee as we travel down this winding road attempting to raise the bar at every twist and turn. Here are some of our recent additions.

 In December 2010, B5 Wynn [739201] arrived here from Maryville, Tennessee. She is sired by Pro Stock Hickory who has dealt with the horns, and is out of a very impressive Load Hafkenberg daughter with legendary bulls like Hackenberg, Hafke & Siegfried in her make up. Wynn, has already gotten her feet wet here as this winter, she gave us an impressive polled bull calf by our Eclipse bull, who will be heading straight to our bull development facility at weaning time.

 Prostock Giardia [758859] arrived here from the 2011 Kentucky Naile sale last November with some of the best genetics we can find from our neighbours in the USA in her pedigree. Giardia’s sire is Star Palm who was imported back in 1973 and her granddam is the well known and proven Woodrings Gretchen, a cow we attempted to purchase a flush on several years ago while attending a FSFF sale in Huntsville, Alabama. Gretchen is a Siegfried out a Hackenberg sired dam – genetics we think very highly of. Giardia’s genomic profile is very impressive placing her in the top 1% for feed efficiency within our Fleckvieh breed. She has adjusted well to our management here at Dora Lee and our plans are to mate her to the legendary Arnold’s Image bull as she starts off her career. Stay tuned we do have high expectations for this young lady.



Bar 5 Roxana,[745835] was purchased just recently at the prestigious Bar 5 sale, again adding some outcross polled genetics to our herd. When we first saw her, she overwhelmed us with her femininity, style and temperament. Her polled genetics come from a different line for us, well back in her pedigree. It was simply a no brainier to bring her here and give her the opportunity to raise the bar. Our plans are to mate her to our Eclipse bull to start off her working career .

By doraleepuppies