CSA #739201

We purchased Wynn in the fall of 2010 from the Blair brothers in Maryville Tennessee. Our thinking was to try to obtain some of the older proven blood lines from our neighbours to the south all wrapped up in a polled heifer calf.
On the bottom side, Wynn has blood lines that include Hafke, Hafkenberg, Hackenberg, Siegfried, and GPCC Heidi etc. etc.
Wynn is very easy to work with, is a feed efficient female and has an impressive polled bull calf by Eclipse for sale in our bull facility. She is due to have her second calf in a few days by our Platinum bull.
We believe Wynn has a huge up side here at Dora Lee, is a big part of our cow herd and is getting it done with most of her life still ahead of her.

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