It’s that Special Time of Year

The bull calves are fed - what's next Papa?

The bulls are fed, what is next, Papa?

It is time for us here at Dora Lee to take a look back as the year 2017 is coming to an end. Calving went well, we were sold out of herd sire prospects by March, our cows went to pasture mid May, things appeared to be going well.

However as haying season arrived we received 6 1/2 inches of rain over night. Our river fences were all washed out, we moved our herd onto higher ground and as it most often happens, 2 of our sons, Dennis & Ben were home and we spent most of a week just repairing and building new fences.

We are typical Canadians, it is too wet or too dry, too hot or cold. Canadians just love to talk about the weather. There would be a lot fewer conversations if for some reason we weren’t able to complain about our weather.

As in the past, it has been a very rewarding year. We sold bred heifers on both sides of the US/ Canadian border. We were able to purchase a polled heifer calf  with out cross genetics from Alberta.

We wish to take time to say Thank you, to the cattlemen who again helped make 2017 very special for us.

Lynn & Brian Vail – Ontario

Duane & Ellen Andrews – PA USA

Richard Bell  – Ontario

Rory Bell Scotland – UK

Liliana Valdez Briseno – Mexico

Betty and I have good health, a wonderful family and a way of life we really enjoy. We are really looking forward to traveling to Glencoe and spending Christmas with David, Ben and Sarah and our 6 grandchildren.

Seasons greeting to all.

Michael at ChristmasDSC_0873-1

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