Our 2014 Herd Sire Prospects

Here’s a look at Dora Lee’s herd sire prospects. All are Full Fleckvieh and are all polled.

Ajax winterDSC_2542

Dora Lee’s Ajax 66A is sired by our senior herd sire Equinox. Ajax has been a stand out since birth and a late addition to our bull calf development group. Ajax has that herd bull look about him, but we were reluctant or should I say indecisive as to whether or not to develop him as he is a little lighter in colour. We threw those thoughts out and at this point in time Ajax appears to be the most complete bull calf in our group. He has his sire’s length of spine and has a great butt end. He was born January 18th with an 93 lb birth weight. We believe that when Ajax arrives at his new home he will certainly make his mark and then some.
SOLD – Matt Swart, Brussels

Timothy WinterDSC_2552

Dora Lee’s Timothy FF51Z is sired by our Equinox bull and out of Porters 16T cow we purchased several years ago. 16T arrived here in the fall of 2007 as a polled outcross heifer calf with some old time proven genetics on the bottom side that include Siegfried and Herode. Timothy has been genomic evaluated, and is in the top 50% for feed efficiency and is homozygous polled. He was born December 28th. SOLD to Buzzard Hollow Ranch, Granbury, Texas.

Patrice WinterDSC_2534

Dora Lee’s Patrice FF4A is sired by San Mar Pharao and out of a Eclipse dam. Flossie 4U, Patrice’s dam is perhaps the darkest deep red Fleckvieh ever to walk our pastures and has turned a lot of heads when fellow breeders tour our herd. Patrice’s genomic score is impressive placing him in the top 20% for feed efficiency. He was born unassisted with a 95 lb birth weight. SOLD to Buzzard Hollow Ranch, Granbury, Texas.

By doraleepuppies