Herd Sire Prospects 2013

Herd Sire Prospects 2013

Weaned August 15th, our selections have been made and moved into our bull development facility. Our bull calves are started on feed and our development process starts all over again for 2013.

We are just preparing a preview of what we will have on offer come next January. It may seem early, however, our first 2 bulls were selected last January 4th, to a long time customer, Robert Younger. Robert arrived early just to get his pick of the pen.

Our group has an age range from December 9th to February 22 and birth weight are between 72lb and 100 lbs. The weaning weights are between 720 lb and a high of 845 lb.

Some of the highlights are:

 2 sons of a time proven bull from the past, Myers Canadian Siegfred, are polled with birth weights of 88 and 94 lbs. We believe them to be structurally correct and with a genomic test for feed efficiency in the top 5%. Huck, orphaned since early March, begged, borrowed and stole all summer and still came in at 735 weighing weight.

Eclipse also had 2 sons selected for our group with low birth weight of 72 and 90 lbs, both are polled late December born calves. Prime Time is a full brother to our Equinox bull and has tested non-diluter. Wyatt, our other Eclipse son is out of an outcross heifer we imported from the Blair brothers in Tennessee. An opportunity existed to use these youngsters on heifers.

Our Equinox bull also has 2 sons in the group with birth weights of 98 and 100 lbs. Devin is out of an Arnold’s Image cow, is cherry red, born February 15 with a respectable weaning weight of 720 lbs. The Miramax calf is out of Maria, an embryo heifer all the way from South Africa. He is a DNA verified non-diluter and is homozygous polled.

Another 2 prospects are sired by Sanmar Pharo, a polled Arnold’s image son we have used on heifers with great success, with birth weights of 83 and 88 lbs respectively.  We believe these 2 up and coming herd sire prospects can be used very successfully on heifers. Aaron and Toro are cherry red in colour, lots of eye pigmentation and ranked right in the top 5 % for feed efficiency.

By doraleepuppies