Dora Lee Claudia

Claudia – born February ’02

Everyone who tours our herd notices Claudia – Dora Lee’s outstanding matriarch.  Her ancestry has foundation greats including, King Arthur, SRN Ms Western, Dora Lee Charm and Neff. Her daughters have always been high sellers at our sale with daughters going to Prospect Hill and Ferme Hemmi while Celine is at Double Bar D where her 1st  2 bull calves there, topped $20,000.

When we had the pleasure of touring the Double Bar D herd with our good friend Brian Valentine this past summer, we firmly believe Celine would no doubt rank within their top 10 fullblood cows.

We have had several cattlemen offer to purchase Claudia. However, unless we get blown away by an offer we can not afford to refuse, we will continue to let Claudia do what she does best, produce quality offspring that will go out into our Simmental industry and make a difference.

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