Thank you to the buyers of our 2015 herd sire prospects

Once again it has been a great year for bull sales as our development pen is empty and waiting for this year’s prospects. Many thanks to the new owners of our 2015 calves – we appreciate your support of our breeding program.

Platinum Plus

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DLD Platinum Plus FF3B was selected by Darcy Claw of Bel-Char Farm, Godfrey, ON







Platinum Lad DSC_6353

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DLD Platinum Lad FF34B went to Glarro Farm in New Brunswick. He was the choice of Andre and Geraline Van Agten.





Wyatt 51C

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Dora Lee’s Wyatt FF51C was chosen by Lee McBride, Port Hope, ON

Evan the real oneDSC_6907

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Dora Lee’s Evan FF31B sold to Mike O’Bomsawin, Chelmsford, ON





Dora Lee’s Bubba FF42C was the choice of Laura Frank of Hilly Grove Farm, Manitowaning, ON




Our current crop of bull calves is looking good. Most of them are sired by Wow Effect, FGAF 016A and we are excited to see how these herd sire prospects develop. We will keep you informed.

By doraleepuppies