Making Each Day Count

For 364 days per year we strive to increase our knowledge about our great Fleckvieh breed . (Every day except Christmas.) As the sale catalogues arrive in the mail almost daily, EPD’S are checked, the big one for this old cowboy is (MCE), maternal calving ease.

When we do get out to a sale of Fleckvieh cattle, udders are checked, feet and legs, & disposition. Do the females look like females? Do the males look like males? And of course, general over all appearance. Have we bred or laid our eyes on a perfect Fleckvieh bull or female? no, not yet. Breeding quality Fleckvieh is a challenge Betty and I really enjoy.

Breeding Fleckvieh cattle, is a way of life we chose here at Dora Lee. It is a spirit of adventure that shapes who we are.

Just waiting for spring - bulls DSC_9488

I really enjoy our life style here, working with our Fleckvieh cattle on a daily basis. Whether they are in the yard or out on pasture, we believe it is therapeutic, extremely relaxing and something this Old Cowboy enjoys very much.

Life is good is here. Betty and I have health and family. What more could anyone in their right mind possibly ask for?

Thanks for listening



By doraleepuppies