Dora Lee’s Equinox

Dora Lee’s Equinox FF 54T -693516-

We started travelling down the road of developing polled genetics back in 1999, and the winding trail has led us to our herd sire “Equinox”.  Dora Lee’s Equinox is the next generation of excellence, and is a true homozygous polled performance bull.   An Eclipse son, Equinox is throwing slightly bigger calves than his sire, but is more than making up for it in the performance department.

With just two calf crops on the ground, Equinox genetics have already proven to be quite marketable.  He has had a son top the Fullblood section of the 2011 Red Deer Simmental bull sale (APLX Ensign 2X), as well as a son selected as the ‘bull of the barn’ for the 2011 National Trust in Olds AB (APLX Envoy 2Y).  The first three of his daughters were introduced to the public at the 2011 Fleckvieh Forum Sale on October 2nd in Ontario, where they average $3,300; selling to breeders in Saskatchewan and Quebec.

Our confidence in Equinoxis is based on 5 generations of Dora Lee breeding, 42 offspring born here in the last 2 years and a similar number in Alberta with virtually no calving problems. Some of the traits we believe Equinox brings to the table are outcross polled genetics, 100% polled offspring, eye pigmentation, materal calving ease, musculing and the quietest disposition of any bull we’ve had on the place and it shows up in his offspring. Equinox has been 11 years in the making and we believe has much to contribute to our beef industry.

Equinox is pictured above in pasture condition. He had just finished the breeding season with a group of 40 cows.  His semen is EU qualified, stored at Eastgen and is offered selectively both privately and at events at our discretion.  At the 2011 Fleckvieh Forum Sale, 30 doses of semen were sold, averaging $90.  We look for more great things to come from Equinox in the future.

Dora Lee’s Equinox FF54T

          Gidsco Appollo

Smithbilt Molson 21M

          Jerico’s Deirdre 21D

Sire:  Dora Lee Eclipse FF9R

          Dora Lee Jake 

Dora Lee Elexis

          Dora Lee Electra


Dora Lee Samuel

          GPCC Sarah 3H

Dam:  Miss Bonita FF45P


Dora Lee Bonita

          Dora Lee Belle

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