Hello Everyone!

Just a quick update to let everyone know we are still breeding cattle.   As life becomes more challenging, we don’t get to all the cattle events that we have in past years.   Despite the ongoing pandemic, we were blessed with a great summer ā€“ lots of heat, enough moisture and a most enjoyable time with our family.  We had a great visit when everyone from Alberta to Scotland and in between were home to Dora Lee in August!

Our cows have done well for us this year. Everything is polled now (except for our one King Arthur cow) which makes for less management, and we continue to right-size our herd to what is workable for us.  Our genetics are being made available by private treaty as we look to reduce our numbers. Having our heifer calves go to New Brunswick as a package in the fall of 2020 certainly made for fewer chores last winter.

The old cowboy and I are truly blessed to have the wonderful support of our family and are able to continue to enjoy farm life with our Fleckviehs here at Dora Lee.

Thank you for listening,

Ross and Betty

By doraleepuppies

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