Dora Lee’s Annabelle 66X (CSA 726424) – born March 2010

Annabelle was selected and consigned to our 17th annual Fleckvieh Forum sale at Bar 5 October 2001. However, sale day morning, Annabelle injured her left hind leg while being put through the handling facility to have her sale tag installed. So our decision was to take her out of our sale and bring her back to Dora Lee.
It has taken most of a year for her to fully recover from her injury, and in the mean time she gave us a cherry red, polled bull calf by Sanmar Polled Pharao, Aaron, who is in our bull development facility.
Annabelle is one of 3 daughters we have, out of our FMS Anna, a cow we imported bred by Billy Muliniks in Georgia back in 1997. Her genomic score gives her the highest rating for ADG of any animal ever test here. Annabelle is just getting started. However, we believe she has a tremendous up side and a great future ahead of her.

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