Here it is Christmas


As the saying goes, when you are having great times, the time goes flying by.

Betty and I are extremely blessed, we have health and family, a way of life we chose and really what more could any person in their right mind ask for.

Supper in FloridaDSC01992

Working with our Fleckvieh breed, meeting and talking to Fleckvieh breeders from coast to coast here in North America is most certainly not only a privilege but also an honour.

We have been blessed with many new and former customers over the years.

Grand River Simmentals, Cayuga, Ontario – herd sire

Leonard Nuhn, Charlton, Ontario – herd sire

Arnold Eising, Jarvis, ON – 3 bred heifers

Select Sires Indiana, USA  Р3 herd sires

Dennis and Jeanne Small – herd sire

To each  everyone out there have, enjoy the season.


Betty and Ross

By doraleepuppies