Taking Polled Fleckieh Genetics to the Next Level

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Taking Polled Fleckieh Genetics to the Next Level

It was back in 1998 when we came to the conclusion that our industry needed polled genetics as several our long term customers were starting to inquire about the possibility of polled Fleckvieh cattle. It was time to start the process of incorporating the polled gene into our Fleckvieh herd. Our first order of business was to create an environment for the production and development of polled cattle.

It all started with the development of our Eclipse bull, and he most certainly got the ball rolling as we started down the road of polled or bust. However we soon began to realized we needed additional blood lines from outside of our herd. The search began and first of many heifer calves brought here was Smith Built Lolla the high selling Female ($12000.00) at the December Fleckvieh weekend in Alberta 2001. Since then an additional 13 polled heifer calves have been brought here to Dora Lee. We have sourced outcross heifers from across Canada and to the south, Tennessee and Texas. Most of these new additions have contributed to our vision of elite polled genetics and our goal of ” taking polled to the next level.

We wish to acknowledge the many original Fleckvieh Breeders from across Canada and the United States who back in 1970’s, had the foresight to import into North America several fullblood Fleckvieh bulls and females from Germany and Austria. Sires, to mention a few, are the likes of King Arthur, Wellhouse Kestrel, Siegfried, Star Palm, Iglhoff and LJ B Jade semen from New Zealand.
We have incorporated these Legendary, time proven genetics into our herd and have direct polled daughters of these sires and granddaughters of Siegfried and Iglhoff either working in our herd or being developed to come into our herd.

Over the years we have set up a rotational grazing system in our pastures, to give these genetics the opportunity to grow and develop on a roughage ration. We continue our 364 day search for those outcross polled genetics as we continue down this road.

We have listened very carefully to the nay-sayers. However, that has not changed our vision or our direction. We simply had to find a way and we believe we have. ” Fullblood Fleckvieh polled genetics at their best.”

By doraleepuppies