Fall is in the Air


Here it is mid September, a time of year this old cowboy looks forward to and really enjoys.

Our hay crop was somewhat of a challenge with plenty of rain, however on the positive side plenty of  grass in our pastures this year.

Our herd sire prospects are weaned and in our bull development facility. The balance  of our male calves are vaccinated and are leaving shortly for our long time feed lot customer, Marvin Brubaker.

A friend of mine [Pat Lynch] told me this several  years ago, there is no such a thing as two years turning out to be the same. Pat was right.

I really enjoy sitting out on our varanda these days, the leaves on our trees are starting to turn into several colours, watching the cows make their daily appearance for mineral etc.

Courtney & bull calf '17

We purchased Countney 22X in the fall of 2010 from Langer Simmentals while attending the Equation sale in Alberta. Courtney has had 6 impressive calves and her 2017 model is in our bull development facility. In my opinion Courtney is in the top 5 in our herd.

Betty and I have good health and family, we are enjoying life to the fullest. How could anyone in their right mind ask for more?

Thank you  for listening.

By doraleepuppies