2013 Herd Sire Prospects

Here’s a look at Dora Lee’s 2013 Herd Sire prospects, all are polled Full Fleckiehs and we are sold out for this year.


Dora Lee’s Jaydan FF75Z (7638060) born January 12′ 2012

Jaydan arrived unassisted with an impressive 88lb birth weight. His sire (Myers Canadian Siegfried) is a time proven outcross sire born and bred in the U.S. and was used very successfully in Western Canada back in the early 90’s. Jaydan’s genomic score is very impressive ranking him in the top 5% for feed efficiency.
Jaydan has out cross genetics in his makeup by way of old time, proven US sires from the 1970’s including Siedfried, Soro, Hackenberg and King Arthur to name a few. So if you are looking for a bull to lower your feed costs, add eye appeal and thickness, that will work on both heifers and cows and as a bonus remove the horns, we believe Jaydan will no doubt, answer the bell. “Fullblood Fleckvieh genetics at their best”.
SOLD to Brad Cober, Wellesley, ON.



Dora Lee’s Huck FF25Z (CSA 763793) born January 5’12

Huck was orphaned in early March. He begged, borrowed and stole all summer and still weaned a hefty 735 lb. Since arriving in our bull development facility, August 15th, Huck has just never missed a beat. Sired by a time proven bull from the 90’s “Myers Canadian Siegfried”, Huck has developed into a very complete herd sire prospect. Outcross polled Fleckvieh genetics at its finest. Hucks genomic score is also impressive ranking him in the top 5 percent for feed efficiency. If by chance you are looking for bull to add some polled genetic, low cost gain, eye appeal and thickness, Huck may just be worth that second look.
SOLD to Brian & Lynn Vail – Vailview Farms



Dora Lee’s Wyatt FF 91Y [763815] December 15, 2011

Wyatt is out of a heifer we purchased from the Blair Brothers in Tennesse USA and sired by our tried, tested and true senior herd sire Eclipse.
These Eclipse calves continue to impress us as time marches on, he simply puts his stamp on them, being it solid colour, butt end, thickness, wide top awesome temperament and adds the polled genetics as a bonus.
His Dam, Wynn was brought here to Dora Lee, adding those elusive out cross genetic from our neighbours to the south. Old time proven genetics by Hackenburg, Hafke, and Seigfried are prominate in her pedigree. Wyatt is a blend of old time, long proven, hard to find genetics and our ever popular Eclipse bull.
“Fullblood Fleckvieh genetics at their best”
SOLD to Gordon and Lynne MacDonald, Midland, ON.



Dora Lee’s Toro FF 99Z (CSA 763810) born January 31, 2011

Toro is out of a first calf heifer, arriving with an impressive low birth weight of 88 lbs unassisted . He is sired by Sanmar Pharao, an Arnold Image son we have been using with much success. Toro has an excellent genomic score rating, placing him with the very elite ( top one percent) for feed efficiency.
Toro’s grand dam “Tonica” was imported here from Buzzard Hollow in the spring of 2008 to again add some additional outcross genetics and is quickly becoming one of our elite cows.
So if you are looking for a heifer bull, want to reduce your feed costs, take horns off and increase your bottom line, Toro could very well be the answer.
“Fullblood polled Fleckvieh genetics at their best”
Sold: to Leonard Nuhn, Charlton ON

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