Finally!!! Spring 2014

This extremely cold , heavy snowfall winter many say, “the worst in the past year 25 years”, is finally in our rear view mirror. Almost daily on the national news we are reminded about global warming. Well, after this past winter it certainly makes a man wonder what all the fuss is about. Let’s face it, we simply would not be considered true Canadians if we did not complain sometimes about the weather.

Calving went reasonably well here, however we are not so sure if this is a positive thing, 5 sets of twins. We have calves on the ground this year by ABR Arnolds Image, Dr Duke, DLD Equinox, Anchor D Viper, DLD Eclipse, DLD Platinum and San Mar Pharo .

FGAF Wow Effect will be front and center in our breeding program this year as we now have a semen bank on him. Wow Affect is just, plain and simply put, will need to prove himself here and at Applecross in Alberta if indeed he was worth the serious investment we made last fall at the Gagnon sale in Quebec.

Kaw-liga DSC_3281

Another youngster we developed this winter, DLD Kaw-Liga 91A, has impressed us in our bull development facility and his genomic score is right were we want it to be. Kaw-liga is a polled son of the legendary bull, King Arthur. A bull we believe is perhaps the best Fleckvieh bull ever to set foot here on North American soil. Kaw-liga like his pen mate Wow Effect is going to have to “get it done” so to speak, over the next 2 or 3 year to earn the right to be corner stone genetics here.

As we approach Easter weekend , it is again time to count our many blessings, and spend quality time with friends and family. Betty and I will be traveling to Glencoe for an enjoyable Easter Sunday with Dave and Sarah and Ben and our 4 grandchildren.

To each and every one of you “Happy Easter”

By doraleepuppies

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