A Chill is in the Air

Here it is November, some early morning thoughts from this old cowboy. It has been a year to remember so far, dry summer etc. However, things have a way of working out here at Dora Lee.

Our hay crop has been baled and placed in storage, Pastures have held the own this summer, and our rotational grazing program has continued to work well here.


Calves were weaned late August, herd sire prospects are in our bull facility, with one youngster already at his new home (Claudia Giermindl) in New Brunswick. Steer calves are in their new home of long time customer, feed lot operator Marvin Burkhart.  The price was down from last year, however $1.80 per lb we felt was a fair price for 800 lb steer calves.

Our cow herd is still out there on our pastures and just starting to graze our paddocks one last time before winter arrives.

Really, Betty and I have very little to complain about. We do have health and family – a way of life we both very much enjoy. Yes, our weather has turned cooler here Dora Lee, winter is on it’s way.

“Thank you for listening”

By doraleepuppies

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