It’s time to send our Fleckviehs to pasture

Cows going to grassDSC_3919

The fences have been up dated, just 2 calves to de- horn this year. Our Fleckviehs are patiently waiting at the gate, letting us know that it is time. Here it is May 20th already. Our winter is in the rear view mirror.

Platinum and Kawliga are back in our bull facility- breeding for this year in complete.

A fellow cattleman told me several years a go ” When your cattle go to grass for the summer, it’s like removing 40 lbs from your back”. Clair was correct.

Perhaps it is time for this old cow boy to put his feet up and spend some time sitting on our veranda. Or, be out on our Gator in the early morning watching the sun come up as our Fleckvieh cows do their thing. These girls are extremely proud of their 2017 models.

Is it time to start looking for that perfect Fleckvieh ? We haven’t found one yet. However that hasn’t stopped us from looking. Perhaps it may not hurt to dream once in a while .

Betty and I very much enjoy life here at Dora Lee. It is a way of life. We look forward to the changing of the seasons. We have had the joys of raising a family. We have health and family, what more would any one in the right mind ask for.

Yes it is time, many thanks for listening.

By doraleepuppies

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