We do not Dwell on the Past, only Dream about the Future

Cattle with flag


We attempt to learn from our past, searching 364 days for the next female that will perhaps again raise the bar here at Dora Lee. Now for some future thoughts from this old cowboy.

We believe the future here is to continue developing  polled, Fleckvieh cattle and believe our herd in the near future will all be polled. We now have several homozygous, Fleckvieh females and the rest are polled. We dream about being able to continue to access those out cross Flechvieh genetics that will make their mark here in North America.

We are going to continue our work with genomics we started 8 years ago, with our focus mostly on feed efficiency, but also paying attention to all the other traits available to us. Are we there yet? No not yet. But that will not stop us for one minute as we continue are search to improve our Fleckvieh breed at every twist and turn. They says dreams do come true and it’s something I believe –

Fleckvieh genetics at their best.

Thanks for  listening.

Ross and Betty

By doraleepuppies

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